Link Building Directories For SEO

Link Building Directories For (Search Engine Optimization)

When you finally create your website for your business, it’s important to established yourself on the internet. You can do this through social media, emails and SEO optimisation. Listing your website on online directories go a long way in helping improve your presence on the web. You can boost your SEO rank by improving your presence on the internet. Many search engines consider the presence of your brand name across the web.

In addition, web directories are fantastic places to come across backlinks to help with your link building activities. Registering in such web directories is more of an off-page SEO tactic, but very effective.

Directory submission in seo is one of the off page seo technique , for this you need to select best directory to submit your website details, Title name , link and description of your website. If you keep doing this regularly your page rank will increase and helps you to get more traffic from google search engine, this link building will increase your domain authority and page rank in google.

Directory submission basically listing your website in various business directories that best suited your services. But while sending links to business directories, it is essential to calculate PA/DA of that site. The main reason behind such approach is to ensure that directories are of high quality with less spam links which therefore ensures Google crawlers to identify your site.

It helps to drive traffic to your website therefore improves ranking.

How to do directory submissions the right way ?

You need to identify the high quality directories which can still be an effective source of building backlinks. Most SEOs only check the PA,DA and Moz rank of these sites. Such metrics will not always show the correct picture.

The following steps must be done to ensure that you are submitting only to the high quality directories.

1. Check for metrics such as PA ,DA, Moz rank etc.
2. Check for Google penalties
3. Check history using wayback machine.

You need to first do a brand search of these websites on Google to see if it was ever penalized.

Secondly you also need to check the credibility of the directories using the wayback machine.

For more information on how to research a directory site, you can read the detailed guide on directory submission and also use the list given here.

 All these ways will direct traffic to your website, help in creating awareness and increasing sales.


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