Get Benefits and Repercussions of Instagram

People have been so hooked to the idea that anything that happens to you should be captured by a lens, and be posted online with a classy or catchy tag. Even food are now subjects to be taken photo of, especially those that are referred as food porn, meaning that the food looks so delicious and satisfying, that by the image alone, you will have orgasms for food. Some post their travels, which can be good for others to take a look at your adventures and tell whether or not you might consider going yourself. Of course, those who wants their business to be known worldwide, they will go for the site that is used worldwide. Spreading everything on the internet is as fast as a psrr of the ocean travels around.

You may be one of those people enjoying to post something on Instagram. Of course, you want to get popular. What could be the downside of this if you didn’t get any, or just few? This is a direct hit to your ego. You might think you are not good enough or something is wrong, leading to depression. Another thing is cyber bullying. As long as you are on the virtual world, everything is connected and nothing is hidden. The images and videos you posted are in there forever, even if you deleted it, traces can still be used to recover it. And if you uploaded something that shouldn’t have, people can see it in just a few seconds. And due to the large network, it can go viral to be scrutinized whether you like it or not.

Just a word of advice, be very careful to what you are uploading. Be sure that you are posting the correct file. Enjoy the benefits of networking and be worry free by avoiding to upload something you are unsure of.

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