What is Web Hosting -

Web hosting is a platform that stored data on your website, or it is an online server. The best web hosting provider on the internet is the one that offers free web hosting services and offers paid services.

What is Web Hosting? Get Free and Paid Web Hosting Sites

Following are the Best and Cheap web hosting providers :

HostGator Cloud
A2 Hosting

These are the best hosting provider which they provides the fastest place to host tons of landing pages cheaply.

  • WordPress SSD Hosting : Having your WordPress website on SSD-only cloud hosting gives you up to 300% better performance.
  • Free CloudFlare CDN : CloudFlare operates out of 105+ data centers around the world. The CDN automatically caches your WordPress static files at our edge nodes so these files are stored closer to your visitors while delivering your dynamic content directly from the web server.
  • cPanel Powered Hosting : The most popular and powerful web hosting control panel for easy point-and-click management of your WordPress website.
  • Daily WordPress Backups : Free daily and weekly WordPress backups of your data to keep you safe. When others charge for this, we don’t!
  • 24/7 WordPress Support : Expert WordPress Technical Support and ‘how-to’ guidance to get your site up and running in the fastest time possible.
  • Fixed Prices, No Surprises : No sneaky surprises - renew your WordPress Hosting on the same great price you signed up for.
It may be a difficult choice but a better selection will enhance your company or business growth And it will work more smoothly.

What is Web Hosting? Get Free and Paid Web Hosting Sites

Types of Hosting

Shared Hosting - These services share dedicated server resources with multiple users. Sharing server results in some security risks, small processing capabilities and fewer software- and database-support options. Prices are more economical for small needs, and you get better administrative control and more monetization options.

VPS Hosting- VPS is the abbreviation of Virtual Private Server, so VPS hosting emulates a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment. The biggest drawback is that it is more expensive than shared hosting but you are getting more with it.

Dedicated Server - A dedicated server provides unlimited access to strong features, full administrative access and software and applications, but you are responsible for your security and maintenance.

Cloud hosting- Cloud hosting is a technology that supercharge the virtual hosting by leveraging multiple sources to provide efficiency, better performance and unnecessary. You can choose from a variety of cloud services for full or partial hosting of services.

What is Web Hosting? Get Free and Paid Web Hosting Sites

Re-seller hosting - Re-seller hosting is a type of web hosting where the user has the allocated amount of hard drive space and bandwidth, which can be used by a third party to host websites. Again the seller will buy space bulk and then sell it to potential customers.

Managed WordPress hosting-managed WordPress hosting is different from other hosting because it is a concierge service. All technical aspects are handled by the hosting provider, which focuses only on WP sites. The aspects covered by them include scalability, website up-time, daily backup, WordPress updates, speed and security.