Now you can send money to anyone from Whatsapp. A new option is added inside the Whatsapp, with the option of Payments, you can make money transactions with anyone. It is very easy to send money with the Whatsapp Payments option. But first, you have to start this option. The details of how the Payments option starts inside Whatsapp and how to use it are given below. By reading the information given below, you can learn everything about Whatsapp Payments option.

How to use the Whatsapp Payments option.

1.) First of all, you have updated your WhatsApp.

2.) After updating Whatsapp, open it. After that click on the three dots in the corner above the right side and click on Setting.

3.) In the Setting, click on the payment option you will see. (If you do not see the Payments option in your Whatsapp after updating Whatsapp then you can ask your friend about it if their Whatsapp has a Payments option, then you can tell them that you have a Request for Payment Option Send your request as soon as they send a request for you to your Payments option in your Whatsapp)

4.) After clicking on the Payments option, click "Accept and Continue" in the next step.

5.) After that, you will be asked to verify the phone number and click "VERIFY VIA SMS". (Remember, the phone number from which you have created a Whatsapp account should be the phone number when verifying the phone number in your mobile)

6.) After that, if your mobile has two SIMs, you will be asked to select a SIM, then select the SIM number of the phone number from which you have made the Whatsapp account.

7.) After verifying the phone number, you will be asked to select your bank, then select the bank in which you have your account. (Note - the phone number that you have made with your Whatsapp account should be registered in your bank account only if you can go to the next step)

8.) If you have a single phone number register in your Whatsapp and bank account, your bank account will be shown in the next step, which will show four numbers at the end of your bank account number and the name you have in your bank account will be shown. . Now click on your bank account.

9.) After that, your bank account will be linked to your Whatsapp. Now if you send money on Whatsapp, then the money will be sent to your bank account. But if you want to send money to someone with Whatsapp, then they will not be able to do it right now. For that you have to do some steps and complete.

10.) Then you can come back to the Payments option within Whatsapp again.

11.) Now you will find written in the Payments Option "SEND YOUR FIRST PAYMENT" click on it.

12.) After that you will be asked to verify your debit card. (Note that - The bank account you have added to Whatsapp is to verify the debit card of the same bank account.) Now you can click on CONTINUE.

13.) After that you will be asked to insert 6 numbers of your debit card, then you put 6 of the last number of your debit card.

14.) Then in the next step you will be asked to make UPI PIN CREATE, then you click on the SETUP UPI PIN and CREATE your UPI PIN.

15.) After the UPI PIN CREATE, the Payments option in your Whatsapp will start completely. Now you can send and receive money from Whatsapp too.

How to send money from someone with Whatsapp

1.) First of all you want to send money to Chat (open Chat) in Whatsapp.

2.) After that, on the message where you write the message, it will get a pin icon on it.

3.) Then click on the Payment option.

4.) After that, write the amount you want to send and click on the Send icon.

5.) If you are asked to enter your UPI PIN, then you click on ENTER UPI PIN and enter your UPI PIN.

6.) After entering the UPI PIN money will be sent.

So notice how easy it is to use the Payments option in Whatsapp. If you still have any questions or suggestions, please comment below.