When you do KYC in Paytm, first you are told to do KYC from Aadhar card. But if you do not want KYC from Aadhar card, you can also do KYC in Paytm without any base card. The complete information about how KYC is done in Paytm without a base card is given below.

How do KYCs in Paytm without a base card?

1.) First of all, you open the Paytm app.

2.) After opening the Paytm app, click on the KYC option.

3.) Then click on Proceed.

4.) After that, you are first asked to enter the base number. But if you do not want to do KYC in Paytm from Aadhar card, then when you look a bit lower then you will get an option called "Do not Not Aadhaar Card", you have to click on it.

5.) After that, you will be given the names of four documents -

Voter ID
Driving Licence
Nrega Job Card

You can do KYC in any one of these documents from Paytm. As if you want to do KYC with Voter ID, then click on the Voter ID.

6.) Then you enter your Voter ID number in the first option given below.
7.) After that, you enter your name in the second option. (Note - you have to enter your name exactly as it is in your Voter ID.)

8.) Then click on Proceed.

9.) After clicking Proceed, Minimum KYC will be completed in your Paytm account. The full information about what the Benefits of doing Minimum KYC in Paytm is given below.

What are the benefits of doing Minimum KYC in Paytm?

1.) Your Paytm Wallet will never stop when Minimum KYC is done in Paytm.

2.) At Minimum KYC in Paytm, you can avail of all Cashback offers in Paytm. The cashback you get in the offer will be deposited in your Pet Wallet wallet and in future, you can use that cash back in any of the services of Petmobile. You can also use that cash back to recharge, for a movie ticket, for a ticket, for a train ticket or to buy anything from Paytm Mall.

If you want to complete KYC, after clicking on Proceed, you will get the option of your Nearby KYC Point, you have to click on it. After that, the list of all the KYC points near you will be shown to you. Now you have to do your full KYC by visiting one of them at KYC Point.

If you do not want to go to KYC Point, then you can also keep Minimum KYC in your Paytm account and save Paytm wallet off and you can take advantage of Paytm's cashback offer. What kind of information did you like to tell us clearly and if you have any questions then you can also ask us to comment and ask us.