Top Indian Technical Blogger and Youtubers

1. Technical guruji (Gaurav Choudhary)
Subscriber – 4.7M
Language -  Hindi

Gaurav is best tech youtuber in Indian according to tech viewer because his all video in Hindi mostly parson think that tech means all thing in English but this man understands all tech things in Hindi best example.

2.    Sharmaji technical (Praval Sharma)
Subscriber – 922 k
Language -  Hindi
Praval Sharma is first man how has start Hindi YouTube channel in Hindi and he is really good  he is always support new youtuber.  Now a day he is create another channel on YouTube for basic news.

3. Geekyranjit (Ranjit kumar)
Subscriber – 1.4M
Language – Hindi & English (Two channel)

His video is something different video and his knowledge is outstanding in tech he is also good tech youtuber in YouTube community

4. Beebom
Subscriber – 778k
Language – English

This YouTube is not individual parson channel they have a good team. All parson has created video in beebom.

5. C4Etech
Subscriber – 970K
Language – English

This man mostly making video on software like how we can root it and how we can install window in PC or laptop like these kinds of video he is make in YouTube.

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