LPG subsidy Status - Link your Aadhaar Card to SBI Account in available LPG Subsidy

What Is LPG Subsidy Scheme

The Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme for LPG Subsidy LPG has been designed to assist and benefit the millions of Indians who are actually in their daily use on LPG. In this country of great wealth inequality, saving a few hundred rupees every month can mean thousands of families, where LPG subsidies come. One step by the government to deposit the subsidy amount directly into its bank account, it can save time and effort which may be the case if it has been done through any other mode. The LPG subsidy will reach your SBI account, when it is connected to your Aadhaar card, will provide a comfortable conversation between the relevant authorities.

Different ways to add your Aadhar card and SBI account

There were days when anyone had to go to the bank physically to work. Today, technology has ensured that banking can be done from anywhere at any time. It is very easy to add your base and SBI account, there are several ways to do this, as highlighted below:

Link SBI Account and Aadhaar to get LPG Subsidy through Internet Banking

The way internet has worked in the world, it is playing an important role in the development of banking in India. Given the shortage of time and patience, internet banking has become a boon for thousands of people, so we are capable of doing all our banking related activities according to our convenience. Those who want to link their base and SBI account through internet banking, they must follow some of the highlighted some basic steps below:

Log on to SBI, www.onlinesbi.com's official website, along with your user certificates.
After logging in, navigate to the "My Accounts" section.
Click on the tab that says "Link your base number" after which you must enter some details.
Provide a base number and account number in which you want to link it.
Confirm by checking the digits of your mobile number, which will be displayed next.
The status of linking the account will be updated to you through your registered mobile number, and it may take days before linking.

Note: This facility can be used only by those who have selected Internet Banking Service.

Link SBI Account and Aadhaar to get LPG subsidy through ATM

ATMs are not limited to withdrawing money, as they also provide many additional services. The person can use SBI ATM to add your base and account by following a few simple steps:

Find an SBI ATM and use your ATM card and PIN to log in to your account.
Navigate to the menu and select the section that says "Service - Registration".
After this, choose the base registration option.
Select the account with which you want to link your base details.
Enter your base number and verify it again by entering it.
Once done, it may take a few days to complete the linking process.

Link SBI Account and Aadhaar through SBI branches to avail LBG subsidy

This is perhaps the most preferred route to complete the linking process, because thousands of SBI customers do not have access to other methods. People who want to link the account using this mode, they can do so by following these steps:

Go to the branch near SBI and submit a request letter which shows the intent to add your base and SBI account.
Make a copy of your base card and submit it with the above letter.
The bank will verify the authorization information and will start the process once verification is done.
Once verified, you will receive an SMS indicating the status of your request. Linking must be completed within a few business days.

Those who do not want to link their base and SBI account, they are also eligible for subsidy, but it is more complex and can include valuable time and efforts. Adding both, the subsidy amount is deposited directly to the customer, eliminating the participation of a third party. If a person wants to change account details / links to another account, they can do so by selecting any option and updating the new information. If multiple accounts are connected, the account linked to the last link will be considered for subsidy.

Check Your LPG Subsidy Here
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