Many times it happens that you are doing some urgent work on the phone and someone's phone comes. Especially, the work is connected to the Internet or somebody is downloading, then it stops from the call. Almost all telecom operators in India have also been free to call. This is the reason that friends, relatives or other close friends ever call them. In such a situation, if you do not want someone to call you during the work on the phone, then you have to dial a secret code. Calling this code will Block all voice calls but allow mobile data on your phone.

What is this trick?
This trick is linked to the USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) Code. For this, you have to dial a code from the special characters, that is, the combination of Star (*) and hash (#), after which there will be no calls on your phone. For this trick, you must have a number that is not in the network area or is switched off.
Follow in Few Steps-
  • Dial ** 21 * Mobile Number #
    After dialing this code, your correct incoming calls will be diverted to the dial number.
  • After dialing ## 002 # to your phone, all the divergent calls from your phone will be closed and all incoming calls can be received